This is rather a kind of retrospective view on the 4th International Visual Methods Conference in Brighton, UK that took place 16-18th of September 2015. I have my paper presented there, titled Interpretation of journalistic photographs as a tool for visual literacy education.

The Conference was itself very exiting and I think that it was the very first time for me when I met so many friends and colleagues on the spot that I did not even have time to get to know new people. However, this was something that I appreciate very much – getting to know who is doing what at the moment and imaging some new ideas for possible collaborations.

I must also admit that visual methods or visual methodologies, or visual research methods still surprise me. There is so many different approaches within visual studies! At the conference I had the first time encounter with digital story-telling (even though I am quite confused by this kind of “study/research”). And my other new fascination is multimodality (although not encountered at the conference, but at some other occasion, that is, at the workshop on multimodality with John A. Bateman). Hence, my excitement in visual studies is constantly growing.