Conference Papers

(21) 10-12 Aug. 2022, Key Principles of Visual Pedagogies in Higher Education: A Subjective Review of Selected Practices, 54th International Visual Literacy Association Conference (IVLA) – “Connecting & Sharing – Envisioning the Futures of Visual Literacy”.

(20) 5-6 Nov. 2021, Visual Literacy Education in the Post-Visual Era, online conference: Seeing Across Disciplines: Visual Literacy and Education, 53rd International Visual Literacy Association Conference, IVLA.

(19) 6-9 Sept. 2021, WhatsApp iconology: Narratives on in-app photographic practices in (transnational) family communication, online conference: Communication and Trust, 8th European Communication Conference, ECREA.

(18) 21-23 Apr. 2021, WhatsApp iconology: Narratives on in-app photographic practices in (transnational) family communication, online conference: Migrant Belongings: Digital Practices and the Everyday, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

(17) 16-19 Oct. 2019, Post-visual era, digitally mediated communication practices and visual pedagogies of tomorrow, IVLA Conference, Leuven, Belgium.

(16) 5-6 Sept. 2019, Mapping family constellations and communication practices of Polish transnational families living in FinlandSymposium: “Family Language Policy: Local, National and Transnational Connections” (virtual presentation), University College London, UK.

(15) 4-6 Sept. 2019, Mapping digital communication practices of transnational Polish families living in Finland — a case of elicitation interviews using interactive collage, ECREA TWG Visual Cultures Conference “Visual Cultures and Communication: Images and Practices on the Move”, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

(14) 16-19 Jul. 2019, “They allowed students to be creative and crazy” — collaborative teaching of visual research methods, paper co-authored with Rasa Zakeviciute, 6th International Visual Methods Conference, Bucharest, Romania.

(13) 17-19 Jun. 2019, Mapping family communication practices: The limits of creativity in visual elicitation interviews (paper presentation) and Interactive collage in auto-driven visual elicitation interviews (material workshop), thematic workshop: “Visual prompts and visual methods in multilingualism research: Reflecting on the use of pictures in language-based disciplines”, MultiLing Center for Multilingualism in Society across the Lifespan, University of Oslo, Norway.

(12) 26-28 Apr. 2018, Toward Assessment of Visual Literacy Skills in Higher Education, 8th Visual Learning Conference, Budapest, Hungary.

(11) 26-28 Mar. 2018, Social scientific perspectives on photographic truth (workshop) and Post-disciplinary pedagogical routes through the photograph (workshop), 4th Helsinki Photomedia Conference, Finland.

(10) 19-22 Jun. 2017, Assessment of visual literacy skills: Towards more visually oriented higher education? (paper presentation) and Visual Pedagogies (workshop), 35th IVSA Conference, Montreal, Canada.

(9) 9-12 Nov. 2016, Can visual literacy be assessed? Material practices to visual education. ECREA Conference, Visual Cultures TWG, Prague, Czech Republic.

(8) 7-9 Nov. 2016, Against compassion fatigue: Children in the visual coverage of the “refugee crisis”. Prague Media Point “Media and Migration”, Prague, Czech Republic.

(7) 10-14 Jul. 2016, Learning to see: Three approaches to journalistic photography interpretation. Paper presented at the 3rd ISA Forum of Sociology, international conference, Vienna, Austria. Session: visual sociology.

(5) 30 Mar. – 1 Apr. 2016, Developing Visual Literacy Skills: Intertextuality in Students’ Interpretations of Journalistic Photographs. Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference Helsinki Photomedia Photographic Agencies and Materialities. Panel: Photography Education.

(6) 16-18 Sept. 2015, Interpretation of journalistic photographs as a tool for visual literacy education. Paper presented at the 4th International Visual Methods Conference, University of Brighton, UK.

(5) 26-28 Mar. 2014, Visually powerful: Content instead of context in the press photography reception process. Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference Helsinki Photomedia 2014 – Photographic Powers.

(4) 28-30 Mar. 2012, Digitalization of photojournalism: An experiment, breaking news, and self-expression. Paper presented at the 2nd NNDV workshop, part of the international Photomedia Conference in Helsinki, Finland.

(3) 13-15 Sept. 2011, Press photography dismantling: Intertextual analysis. Paper presented at the 2nd International Visual Research Methods Conference at The Open University in Milton Keynes, UK.

(2) 4-5 Feb. 2011, Research key for press photo story analysis based on interdisciplinary studies. Paper presented at the Media Research Days in Turku, in the Visual Media work-group, Finland.

(1) 17-18 Dec. 2009, Otherness displayed. The role of the press photography in imaging social exclusion. Paper presented at the Academic Nationwide Conference “Exclusion” at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland.


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