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My edited book “Visual Pedagogies in Higher Education: Between Theory and Practice” is already in the production process! The publication date is set up for October/November 2022, so very soon. It has been a great learning process for me and I am grateful to all contributors who make it possible to open the topic of visual pedagogies from so many different perspectives.

And here comes the table of contents for this volume:

Introduction: Visual Pedagogies in Higher Education
Joanna Kędra
Part I:Visual Pedagogies in Research Methods Courses
Chapter 1As Visual as Possible: The Pedagogy of Visual Research Methods in a Finnish University
Joanna Kędra and Rasa Zakeviciute
Part II:Visual Pedagogies in Business Studies
Chapter 2How Drawing Enhances Learning for Business Students
Iryna Molodecky
Chapter 3The Use of Freehand Drawings as a Means of Teaching Research Methods in a Business School
Gyuzel Gadelshina, Rob Wilson, Paul Richter and McKenzie Lloyd-Smith
Part III:Visual Pedagogies and Object-Based Learning
Chapter 4Discipline-led Thinking Through Cultural Collections and Art
Olivia Meehan
Part IV:Visual Pedagogies in Photography Education
Chapter 5Photomedia Literacy in Ruins? Student Attitudes toward Digital and Analogue Photomedia when Creating an Archive for the Future
Gary McLeod and Tad Hara
Chapter 6Teaching Photography Theory to Art Students — Three Case Studies
Marianna Michałowska
Part V:Visual Pedagogies in Teacher Education
Chapter 7Learner-Generated Video: Video Creation Process for Developing Visual Competencies
Pınar Nuhoğlu Kibar
Chapter 8Using Visual Art Practices to Enhance Educators’ Professional Growth
Karen F. Tardrew
Concluding Note: Measuring Success in Visual Pedagogies
Joanna Kędra