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What motivates me at most in my academic work (and truly, motivation is really something that keeps raising my enthusiasm to what I do) is the peer-support and the kind of collegial and friendship atmosphere in doing something together. This is why, I have always liked to be a part of academic international communities, gathered in various thematic associations.

One of such groups is the ECREA Visual Cultures Section, formed together with colleagues that I know from various different contexts. This has been a place – or actually the people – from whom I could always get constructive feedback. Our discussions have been always enriching. From this day on, together with Dr. Patricia Prieto-Blanco (Lecturer in Digital Media Practice in the Sociology Department at Lancaster, UK) and Dr. Maria Schreiber (Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Communications at the University of Salzburg, Austria) I am taking a lead as a Chair of the ECREA Visual Cultures Section. We would like to continue the work that the previous chairs, Prof. Asko Lehmuskallio and Prof. Paolo Favero established in the Section, but we also want to add new. Foremost, however, we want to keep this Section as a place open for constructive discussions about and through the visual from many disciplinary angles.