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Photography can be taught as a vocation or as an art. It may focus on digital possibilities and challenges, or provide retrospective view on analog images. It may look for balancing in acquiring technical skills and developing creativity. Nevertheless, teaching about and foremost with photographs has productive possibilities across all disciplines and subjects, although it may take various forms. In this sense we can say that the photograph is post-disciplinary and as such merits discussion across different areas of interest.

At the Helsinki Photomedia Conference, 26-28 III 2018, we organized the workshop titled Post-disciplinary pedagogical routes through the photograph. The aim of the workshop was to inspire participants to reflect on their pedagogical visual (photographic) practices, to think what they can improve, and foremost, to learn from each other. As such, participants would have gained new motivation and ideas by sharing and collecting across disciplinary divides for various kinds of photography-inspired activities in the classroom and beyond.

The workshop I co-organized with my colleagues, dr. Carolina Cambre from Concordia University, Montreal, and dr. Edna Barromi-Perlman from Haifa University, Israel. As one of the modes of participation I applied collage, asking participants to present visually their challenges related to visual pedagogy and, in particular, to teaching with and about photographs. Below are some pictures from the collage making process (photo credit: Edna).