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I have just found out that my article Does the journalistic photograph need a context? Rethinking contextual interpretation was published in the “Studies in Visual Arts and Communication – an international journal”. This article was initially, as a manuscript, part of my doctoral dissertation. As such, this one article taught me the most about academic publishing. I have reviewed it almost endlessly over a number of years. It has evolved along my own process of learning. I struggled (both with reviewers and advisors) to keep the main argument alive about the role of context in the interpretation of journalistic photographs. This manuscript was actually the only part of my dissertation that external examiners heavily criticized (after thousands of journals’ reviewers comments it was not new to me any more). Nevertheless, upon my struggle to publish it, I met a wonderful journal editor who even wanted to create a special issue including my text. However, reviewers in her journal have also rejected the manuscript. And, now, finally, after at least ten different submissions, hundreds of revisions and years of patient – it is published. Based on my current learning, I may not necessary consider it as a very smart text – but for sure – as a very important one that taught me a lot of the process.