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The Vice-rector of the University of Jyväskylä has decided to allocate me a mobility grant for 7 weeks research visit to the University of Warsaw, Poland. The purpose of the grant is to strengthen strategic partnership and career development among researchers and PhD students.

I’m going to start my research in The Institute of Journalism, Warsaw University, already next week. The main objective of the visit is to write a joint international publication with Joanna Szylko-Kwas, PhD, from the Institute of Journalism, who has similar research interest. In the article we will create and evaluate the typology of press photography genre. Poland has long tradition in studies on genre in journalism. However, just a few scholars have currently investigated the concept of photo genre, both in Poland and worldwide. Among these scholars is doctor Szylko-Kwas with whom I will be working on the joint publication. Most probably, I will also have opportunity to receive scientific feedback to my ongoing postgraduate research from professor Kazimierz Wolny-Zmorzyński, who is another scholar working in the field of photography, especially press photography genre, and who was a supervisor of my Master thesis (back in 2009).

During the visit, I have been asked to teach a short, two hours, lecture about press photography from the perspective of my dissertation work. This opportunity may give me a new insight to my own research. Part of the visit will be also dedicated to compile ideas for the joint project application, which investigates press photography, its definition, genre and the reception process.