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The new dissertation article has been just accepted for publication in the “Journal of Visual Literacy” for the next, Spring issue 2013. The title of the article is: “To See More: A Model for Press Photograph Story Analysis”.

Journal of Visual LiteracyThe article presents and evaluates an interdisciplinary model for press photograph story analysis. The research comprised two stages: familiarizing study participants with the interpretation model and qualitative content analysis of the participants’ interpretations of samples of press photograph stories. The study was undertaken in 2011 at the University of Jyväskylä, Department of Communication. The result of this study is that the model for press photograph story analysis could be used in the educational context to develop the skills of visual literacy among students.

The article also includes samples of the analysed press photograph stories, thanks to the following photographers: Francesco Zizola/NOOR, Lars Lindqvist and Meiko Herrmann.