Other Academic Merits

Membership in scholarly organizations

II 2017 –

  • YECREA Representative for the ECREA Temporary Working Group Visual

VI 2017 –

  • Member of the International Visual Sociology Association (IVSA).

IX 2012 – VI 2013

  • Project Leader of “Visuality in Journalism: Collaborative Perspective”, interdisciplinary project for PhD students in visual studies, Finland.

I 2012 – XII 2015

  • Associate Junior Researcher of the Finnish Doctoral Programme of Communication Studies (VITRO), Finland.

IX 2011 – I 2013

  • Member of the Visual Communication in Public Space, interdisciplinary project at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

IX 2011 – IV 2014

  • Member of the NNDV, an international Nordic Research Network in Digital Visuality. Presentation at the second NNDV workshop, part of the Helsinki Photomedia Conference. More…

Membership in journals’ editorial boards

XI 2017 –

  • Editorial Board member of the journal Com.press

II 2012 –

  • Editorial staff member of the Journalism Research Review Quarterly (Naukowy Przegląd Dziennikarski), Polish and international online journal. Contact person for scientists from Scandinavia Region.

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